HEART Coalition of Stanislaus County Sample

HEART Coalition of Stanislaus County Website Redesign

In the fall of 2006 the HEART Coalition of Stanislaus County needed help to redesigning their web site. I proposed they use an open page layout with our BodhiCMS software to allow them make content updates quickly and easily. They embraced my ideas and I led the effort to redesign their web site on a pro–bono basis.


The HEART Coalition of Stanislaus County had an outdated website and HCSC team members did not have the ability to edit web site content. To make web site updates the HCSC team needed to contact their already over–burdened IT staff, deliver the materials, and wait for the IT staff to make the updates.


I worked with HCSC to gather content, categorize the content, and identify the various types of content pages for the web site. After the content needs were squared away I worked my design team to develop a revised website design that provided HCSC the flexibility they needed to satisfy their varying content needs. To help them manage their web site we provided them with our BodhiCMS software.


I was responsible for managing the project from conception through launch and developing the frontend templates. Steve Kirk, and the rest of my team at PRK Kreative, helped us design the new website, integrate our BodhiCMS , and resized & optimized the many images found on the web site.

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