Flingmo Sample

Flingmo: Saving your life one text at a time

Flingmo is a mobile application that interfaces mobile devices with a Web application via SMS, MMS, a mobile optimized website, a desktop website, and a soon to be released Facebook application.


I needed to quickly get up to speed with mobile application development, mobile web development, and adjusting our web development process to include mobile development and testing.


Due to NDA considerations project specifics will be posted at a future date.


I conduct research on SMS, MMS, and mobile web technologies and work with my business partners on long-term strategy, feature development, and product marketing. On the development side I collaborate with our creative and technical teams to develop the desktop website, mobile website, API, and work on refining the user experience. For the mobile application development we are working alongside FastBreak Mobile to develop the downloadable phone application. This requires me to coordinate the development efforts between two disparate teams.