Body Wise International Sample

Body Wise International Website and Portal Redesign

During the fall of 2007 Body Wise International needed a complete website redesign in under four weeks. Without the budget, or time, to integrate a proper content management system and online store I proposed we use a light PHP templating framework and develop a frontend CSS/XHTML framework to allow us to meet the extreme deadline imposed upon us.


We had less than four weeks to replace Body Wise’s antiquated Flash site with a SEO–friendly standards compliant website, test the PHP templating framework, and develop dynamic pages to display legacy content.


To realize the tight deadline I worked closely with BW’s internal marketing team to bring them up–to–speed with the CSS/XHTML framework so the final page comps could be quickly ported over to website templates. Other duties included developing wireframes, helping BW best utilize the Basecamp project management software, and implementing a Subversion version control system to protect project assets & code while multiple developers worked on the web site.


I was responsible for developing the CSS/XHTML framework, converting the final design comps from the Body Wise International marketing team into standards compliant templates, integrating the templates into the PHP framework, and all facets of the web site production. Additionally, I worked closely with Michael Stanford from CreekStone Software, Inc. on integrating and testing his PHP code. Steve Kirk and I developed the PHP templating framework for a previous project at PRK Kreative.

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